Our Program

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Our Approach

We offer a new life and new hope through personal spiritual experience with our Lord Jesus Christ.

1st Phase:  While in Agape House, we see women set free from life controlling addictions, learn biblical principles and values along with disciplined work habits that equip and sustain them as they become drug-free, productive, law-abiding Christian members of the community.

2nd Phase:  The women begin to apply the biblical principle and disciplined work habits acquired in Phase 1 in their daily lives.

3rd Phase:  The women are ready to begin to disciple newer members of the house, teaching them by example.  At this point they may also seek employment, or vocational or educational training for job placement.

4th Phase:  The women continue to mentor the newer residents.  They begin to be reunited with their families and become accustomed to parenting their children again.  They continue to work or continue school and save money for the time when they leave the program.

5th Phase:  The women move home and begin to establish themselves in local churches and recovery support groups under the watchful eye of the Agape House.

Eight months after successfully completing these five phases, the women graduate.